Saturday, January 24, 2009

New after a long time

hey long time sice i laste posted anything lots has happened so ill try to sum it up it a short little spat.Okay so i went shopping after christmas and got some hair dye i got a radical bleach kit that was supposed to make my hair blonde(ended up with orange hair)then i dyed my hair midnight blue(lasts alot longer than expected and alot lighter too).lets see i beat guitar hero 2 in two days and im working on three half way through after one day.i got a new backpack today (after 3 of mine got ripped open).I have been thinking about buzzing my hair but that looks really bad on new backpack is a shoulder pack that is leather.I can get my license once i get a job and a car so i can pay for insurance.That is all i can think of for now ill try to write again soon.