Monday, May 9, 2011

moved out!!!

so i moved out of my moms house didn't move far but i still moved out. i have been checking in on my application every day for a little over a week. i turned in my application for bucky's yavapai (or however it's spelled) for two different positions. i applied for cleaning attendant and custodian. both are full time jobs. the jobs come with full health care and dental and all that good stuff and also includes a retirement plan. from everything i have heard they start people out at 16 dollars an hour so with a full time job it would be about $2,560 dollars before taxes a month.($30,000+ a year) so i am really hoping i get either of the jobs. so far living out of the house is great been doing alot of really good job searching and helping people out as much as possible. basically trying to get my life started not as easy as it sounds. well i will try and update more often kinda been slacking off on my blog in other words kinda forgot about it for a while.