Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Ok well lets see where to start... well i got kicked out of my moms house. thats a story i wont go into today but maybe some day. Anyways after i got kicked out i stayed at a lady down the streets house. Then i got picked up by grammy and starlene. We went back to grammy's house then the next day i was out putting in applications. I missed getting a job at brown bag burger in prescott by albertsons by 10 minutes. the only reason i know that is because my cousin stacy works there. Well anyways i met some new friends and we were hanging out in grannite creek park we had just eaten some pizza that a couple pastors bought us and next thing i know one of the new friends gets a call from someone he has been talking to for a few months. His name is justin Young he started a company callede White eagle enterprises. He started hiring me and all my friends so we left for phoenix. When we get to phoenix we are staying at the Hampton a really nice hotel for what im used to staying in. The rooms cost somewhere around 125 dollars a night per room and we had 2 rooms. Each room had 2 king sized beds a 40" flat screen tv, a mini fridge,a microwave, a coffee maker (in the bathroom) basically each room was like an appartment. The day after we got to the hotel in phoenix we had our first day of "work" and what we had to do is for ten and a half to twelve hours a day we had to walk around. We went door to door and we had a serquence of things to say. first we knock on the door then when they open the door (if they do) we say "don't worry im not selling anything. im with a company called white eagle enterprises and we are teamed up with the wounded worriors program. we are trying to get donations for the wounded worriors in iraq and afganistan. Would you be able to make a donation today?" Then they would either see how much cash they have to give say no or write a check. I did that for two days then Justin told us he only donates 100 dollars a month to the wounded worriors program and pays us out of the donations and the rest goes in his pocket so after i found that out i quit getting him money he dropped me off at 3 more places and everytime i can back he would ask "how much did you get?" and i would say "zero." so when we got back to the hotel him and the other guy he had made manager started accusing me of smoking pot in the hotel room and stealing money from them. so then they ordered hookers to come to the room i was staying at and i will not have any part in hookers. Of course i was planning on not getting any money for him the next day. They were planning on heading back to prescott on sarurday and i was just going to ride with them back then stay there. but instead i got told at 1 something in the morning that all my stuff was packed up in front of the hotel. Then they said i have to leave and if security see's me they will call the police because "i was making a scene in the hotel room." So at 1- 2 in the morning i was calling my sister terina and trying to get ahold of her and she wouldn't answer eventually my brother trenton got ahold of my uncle forrest and him and his wife came and picked me up. The two days i was working for Justin he said all three of us guys had walked 120-140 miles. but after my uncle forrest picked me up he took me to his house in queen creek and i stayed there that night. the next day i was hanging out with my cousins that i haven't seen in a long time. after hanging out with them i got a ride to my sister terina's house and got to take a shower. i have been living here at her house since then and putting job applications everyday. no juck with a job yet but im going to keep trying. i will not give up i will find a job. i know that the whole scamming thing is in no way a good thing but in the long run i have found that it was a good learning experience but other than that there is nothing good about it. We are calling it my great scamming adventure just to put a light spin on the whole thing.